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Anti-phishing Domain Advisor protects you from phishing websites
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Nowadays, everybody got to be aware of the fact that the Internet is an unsafe environment and, as a result, everybody tries to protect their system and their data in any way they can. One of these ways is installing the Anti-phishing Domain Advisor.

Two of the most important threats on the Internet are the phishing websites that try to fool you into providing them with your personal data by disguising themselves as legit websites, and the malware websites that can download malicious components to your computer and infect it. Anti-phishing Domain Advisor is meant to make your web browsing experience safer by letting you know when you are about to face one of these two major threats: accessing a phishing website or visiting a malicious one. There’s no intricate algorithm behind the way it does its job. Anti-phishing Domain Advisor simply comes with a list of reported phishing and malware websites and checks the websites that you are about to access against this list. Though it may look rudimentary, this method is actually a very effective one, especially because of the fact that this list is provided by the popular, highly-acclaimed and widely-trusted Panda Security service and is updated every couple of minutes.

There’s not much to talk about the way Anti-phishing Domain Advisor looks or feels like, because you won’t have to deal with it except for the moments when you are about to access a potentially dangerous websites. It doesn’t have an interface and it lets you enable or disable its protection using only a simple and unobtrusive tray menu.

I think Anti-phishing Domain Advisor is a great addition especially for the computers of the people that are lacking the experience to protect themselves against the online threats. It’s the kind of program that I personally don’t think I need, but I would gladly install it on my mom’s computer.

Rory Shaffer
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  • It's unobtrusive and lightweight
  • It works with any web browser


  • There's no customizable list of "exceptions"
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